Saturday, December 25, 2010

Travel Insurance - Do you need it?

When you Need Travel Insurance

• When your Travel arrangements must be being paid for months in advance. If your airline, tour operator or cruise line should default your insurance company will reimburse you for your lost funds so you can rebook or assist you to get back home if you are stranded abroad. You cannot allways count on your credit card for that coverage.

• To protect in case of a major illness or accident which prevents you from travelling, forces you to curtail your trip or requires emergency evacuation to get you to a hospital.

• To protect you in case a loved one suddenly has a heart attack or is rushed to the hospital for some other emergency requiring the cancellation of your trip, or an immediate return from your your destination.

• To assist you in case a major storm or accident prevents you from reaching the airport in time for your flight.

• To help you when a delayed flight results in a lost day at your hotel or the inability to reach a port in time for your cruise.

• To assist should you be robbed or loose their wallet and passport while travelling abroad. A quick call to the insurance company will result in assistance with cancellation of credit cards, cash advances and help with getting your passport replaced.

• Travel insurance also covers repatriation of remains.

When you Might Wish to Skip Insurance
• If you are using frequent flyer miles or staying at a hotel that that will refund your money.

• If you know you can cancel your trip without losing the money you invested.

• Your credit card may offer some travel insurance, so check with your issuer. Companies such as Amex and Visa offer some protection to their customers, but it varies with the type of card you have. Be sure to read the fine print. Credit Cards do not offer the same protection that a travel insurance policy offers and it is sometimes extremely difficult to file a claim with them.

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