Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Travel Tips

Heading out of town for the Holidays? The Number one point to remember is to plan ahead and be prepared.

1-Get to the airport early - minimum 3 hours before international flights and 2 for domestic.
2-Parking will be scarse this time of year and you need to allow a lot more time for finding a space. Better idea: take a taxi, airport shuttle, metro or ask a friend to drive you. If you live far from airport and have an early morning flight, stay at an airport motel the night before and leave the car there. Their van will shuttle you to and from the terminal.
3-Do not throw your loose change and small items from your pocket into the airport tray. Too easy to forget in the rush of security. Have a small plastic bag inside your carryon or purse, and put everything in there. Same goes for your wallet and boarding pass.
4-Check your airline's website for dimensions and weight of bags. Flights are crowded at this time of year and lots of bags are pulled at the gate.
5-If you like to read on overnight flights, get a small reading light that attaches to your book. It's hard to put on the overhead light when others around you are trying to sleep.
6-Never pack your money, passport, credit cards, medicine, trip insurance policy or important contact information in your checked bags. Keep these and a spare set of underwear in your carryon.
7-Remember, Things Happen! If a problem arises with your flight or missing luggage, ask to speak with a supervisor and try to remain calm when speaking with the airline personnel.

Have a Good Time and Happy Holidays!

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